AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- It started with a domestic violence walk in downtown Augusta. Family, friends, and those who knew Commen came together to remember her, as the bright and charming person she was.

“She tried to do everything she could for this community and she loved this community because that’s what I taught them to do,” said Diane Rouse, Mother

She was the CEO of the Augusta Youth Debutante Society and owner of Bentlee’s Closet in Honor of her daughter.  

Investigators say Commen was shot and killed by her husband last Wednesday… a case of domestic violence. With purple balloons flying through the sky, her family says she will never be forgotten.

“Definitely she was a visionary outspoken that’s who she was and she wanted Us to do something to give back to the community and she loved Augusta the CSRA And like things doing for the kids and most literally her daughter her daughter Bentlee,” said Sarah Latonya Brown Fegan, sister

A ceremony was lead with singers and speakers bringing awareness to domestic violence.

“To the point where his other outlets in other peoples to hear other people stories to hear survivors stories just being in a place that is dedicated to awareness,” said James Dean, cousin. 

“She believed in Jesus Christ, that’s the first thing I taught them and if you can’t do something good for somebody don’t do no wrong,” said Diane Rouse.

The Home Going ceremony with family and friends will take place on April 1st.