Families in Williston, SC prepare for severe weather for second week straight


One week after families in Williston South Carolina were slammed by a tornado, they are preparing for another round of severe weather.

Chain saws were hard at work this past week in Aiken County as families cleared large trees taken down by a tornado.

“We’re so lucky to be alive. It could have been a whole lot worse, says Elizabeth Jackson who lives off Cherry Tree Lane in Williston with her family.

Jackson’s home was in the path of the tornado that hit last week. Now, homes around hers have boarded up windows as those who live inside brace for yet another storm this Monday.

“We’ve had bad wind and maybe some awning damage, but never anything like this,” says Gloria Yonce who also lives in Williston off Cherry Tree Lane.

Debbie Snead tells NewsChannel 6, on Sunday morning they prepped their homes.

Before an after photo of home destroyed by 4/13 tornado

“Everyone is trying to secure things before this storm hits,” Snead says. “The ones that have lost their homes are currently staying out of the area.”

Snead sent us a before and after photo of her granddaugters home. She says it was a 14×80 mobile home that was lifted off its foundation and turned completely over.

“Our granddaughters would not have survived had they been inside,” Snead says. “We are thankful to god they were in Virginia and their lives were saved.”

The National Weather Service says “Areas hit hard during the April 13th outbreak are at the greatest risk for damaging winds and strong tornadoes.”

The National Weather Service predicts the storms will hit South Carolina from around 3AM to 9AM Monday.

John Quagliariello says last week’s storm emphasizes the importance of having notifications sent to your phone through apps like WJBF’s Live Vipir 6 App.

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“We saw the potential for severe weather days in advance,” says Quagliariello about last week’s storms. “We notified the public…We had tornado warnings out well in advance before the tornadoes touched down and we’re hearing from people that received the warnings and knew what to do. They got to an interior room, into a hallway, into a safe location. I think because of those actions, there were a lot of lives saved.”

Quagliariello encourages you to follow a severe weather plan for this Monday’s projected storms as well.

Photojournalist Gary Hipps

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