Families In Augusta’s Fox Den Complain Mold Harming Children


Augusta, GA –  A family claims mold could be making kids at their complex sick. The complaints come from former and current residents of Fox Den Apartment Homes, which is located off Wrightsboro Road near North Leg in Augusta.

People complain of mold and bed bugs at Fox Den Apartment Homes.

As many as 40 people are saying mold is inside the apartments.  Some say it’s so bad, they’re trying to break their lease, if they haven’t moved already.

“Nobody should have to live like that,” said former tenant Angel Perkins.

She and other former and current tenants said there is a mold and insect problems inside their Fox Den apartment and it’s making children sick. Perkins said her kids stayed sick, so she sued Fox Den for the living conditions.

“My kids were constantly coughing and wheezing. They had mucus buildup in their chest.  I took them to the emergency room and all of them were diagnosed with upper respiratory infection,” she said.

Roy Publico is the Code Enforcement Inspector assigned to the West Side of Augusta where Fox Den is located.

“Moisture problem, possibly mildew or mold,” he described of the inspection results.  “Most of the time I’ll have to issue a notice of violation. Now whether or not it truly is mildew or mold or some other type thing we can’t make that determination because we’re not mildew or mold specialists.”

Publico sent a violation form to Fox Den owner Oxford Glenn of Wrightsboro, LLC in Alpharetta, GA.    Publico said he has sent about 15 since the end of last year.  On average, he said he receives about one or two complaints about mold at Fox Den a week.

“I know it’s a particularly prevalent type thing in my part of the city, but what I know from my fellow code enforcement inspectors it seems to be a typical problem city-wide,” he said.

Cordale Crew, who moved last year from Fox Den told us, “Mold was in the kitchen and in the living room area.  It’s unlivable.”

Ray Montana said he’s in the trenches of his former apartment complex helping as many as 40 others report mold when they see it.  He’s gearing up for a class action lawsuit against the owners.

“Stansberry is not telling us anything.  They’re not returning any calls.  They’ve been telling the tenants not to call the news stations, not to call me, of course.  They see me and they see this yellow hat they know I’m coming to work for the people,” said Montana, who is also planning a rally.

Some families living inside Fox Den tell us, they believe the recent death of an infant could be connected to the living conditions there.  We called the Richmond County Coroner’s office and Mark Bowen said the results of that baby’s autopsy is pending toxicology results, so there is no official connection.

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