Euthanasia rate drops at Augusta animal shelter


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The odds are getting better for pets in Augusta’s animal shelter.

The shelter now has an euthanasia rate of just over 51 percent. While that means thousands of animals are being put down, it’s an improvement over two years ago when the rate was 70 percent.

“”We’ve been working hard trying to send more animals to rescue we’ve been doing a lot more adoptions I’m just trying to get them out into new homes you’ve been there a long time did you every expect to see a drop like this it’s been a long time in the coming and we only hope it goes lower,” says Priscilla Crisler, the Kennel Manager for Augusta Animal Services.

Crisler credits the help of volunteers and adoptions at locations away from the shelter in helping reduce the euthanasia rate.

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