Euthanasia Down and Adoptions Up at Augusta Animal Shelter


Workers at the Augusta Animal Shelter say adoptions are up and the shelter’s euthanasia rate is down.

Animal services workers say they attribute the new numbers to help from rescue groups, along with weekend adoptions. They also say public support is key. The shelter’s director says if you’re looking for a new pet, you should check the shelter first.

These adorable, furry faces have no place to call home, and for some it could mean life or death.

At the Augusta Animal Shelter, hundreds of animals are put down every year because there is not enough room for them all.

But, the animal services director said the shelter is working hard to get those numbers down.

“Our adoption numbers are up and our euthanasia rate is down by 15 percent,” said Sharon Broady, the Augusta Animal Services Director.

The numbers from last year from January to June show the euthanasia rate at 2,232 and the adoptions at 361, but during the same time this year, the number of animals euthanized went down to 1,912 and the adoption rate went up to 572.

While these statistics are positive, shelter staff said the number of lost pets not being picked up by their owners is alarming.

“If you’ve lost your pet or you know someone who has lost a pet, be sure to check here first because we find that the number of animals that are being returned to their owner, that’s our lowest number yet, and that’s really a shame because those animals should have the opportunity to go home,” said Priscilla Crisler, Kennel Operations Manager.

The Augusta Animal shelter credits rescue groups and the public for taking an active role in getting the kill rate down and adoptions up.

“We have a lot of rescue groups who work at the shelter who are actively in search of foster homes and fostering an animal can be the perfect fit for only keeping it for a short amount of time,” said Crisler.

A big help has also been the weekend adoptions held at PetSmart, the animal services director says around 20 pets are taken in by new owners every weekend.

Their next step is to also get people educated about fostering a pet until a permanent home can be found.

“We are gearing toward getting more animals out through the foster program, and so far it’s working very well,” said Broady.

The shelter is holding an adoption event this weekend at PetSmart on Robert C. Daniel Parkway. It’s on Saturday, June 20th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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