AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Investigators are looking into another deadly shooting from early this morning. It happened at the Captain D’s off Wrightsboro Rd. Details are still very limited, but we know 42-year-old Eurl Kittle was pronounced dead on the scene.

It’s the third deadly shooting that’s taken place in just two days now. NewsChannel 6 spoke with Chief Deputy Clayton the other day about preventative measures that law enforcement is taking but the community is saying they’re tired.

“Enough is enough, enough is enough,” said Arthur Anthony.

Those words spoken from the first victim of what turned out to be a deadly year here in Augusta.  Arbrie Anthony’s father, Arthur Anthony made that statement during a March for our lives rally just hours before two young men were shot and killed in downtown Augusta.

“Ashley, we’ve gotta take a harder stance on the use of guns, either your carrying them when you can’t legally carry them, or using them.”

And while Chief Deputy Clayton tells NewsChannel 6 that homicides are down another man fell victim to gun violence Tuesday morning.

“Something has got to be done. It’s getting out of hand,” said one man who lives near the Captain D’s.

“It’s a lot of teenagers being influenced by the people around them,” said Justin Gilbert who lives near Wrightsboro Road.

And the sheriff’s office wants to crack down on gun violence and Chief Clayton says that could put more men behind bars.

“In the 90’s we had programs in the department of justice called trigger lock. And there was a high level of incarceration, but that was the lowest crime levels that we enjoyed in all of the years that I’ve been in law enforcement,” said Chief Clayton.

There’s no talk of bringing that program back, but a new program is on the horizon to give offenders a second chance

He said, “On the 15th we’re starting a program with the FBI. We’re targeting violent offenders and we’re not just doing enforcement things. We’re also doing operation grace, for gang resistance and community engagement.”

But those efforts don’t stop there. Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is also teaming up with the FBI for an ongoing gang investigation.

He says, “If you’re a gang member you need to be afraid, because it won’t be long until we’re calling your number.”

Augusta Commissioner Jordan Johnson also met with Sheriff Roundtree and Mayor Hardie Davis today and he says for the next few weeks they’ll be exploring way to be more intentional about putting an end to gun violence. I am working on finding out the specifics of those efforts.