Enforcement will not cover Augusta mask mandate


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) The Mayor’s mandate will only be as good as the public’s buy in and the public will have to want to do it, or you’re going to have to force the public to do it.

It’s where you expect to see masks, at shopping centers where it’s mandated people need to wear them before going into stores

“You have some people wearing them and some people not but I’m going to be staying safe I’ve got kids I want to make sure I’m doing what I’m suppose to do,” said Danielle Broome

It’s what Mayor Hardie Davis wants all of Augusta to be required to do in government buildings and private establishments, wear a mask.

The mayor saying the Sheriff’s Office will take the lead on enforcement, and saying after the first ten days there could be citations and fines.

“We’re then going to move to a small punitive phase in the order is speaks specifically to $25 dollars first offense $50 dollars second offense,” said Davis.

But the Governors office is saying mask mandates in cities like Augusta are unenforceable, because they go beyond what the state is doing.

And in a statement from the Sheriff it says deputies on mask calls will not be writing tickets, they will be educating on the importance of masks.

That’s not a surprise to commissioner Marion Williams.

“No, The Sheriff cannot enforce it I mean he don’t have the manpower for one reason and then it’s not lawful you need to talk to the senators to get a law put on the books,” said Commissioner Williams.

But some in Augusta think the Governor and Sheriff need to lead or get out of the way of the mask mandate.

“We’re not being held accountable and if we’re not being held accountable then nothing is still going to change, ” said Broome.

“You would like to see enforcement?”

“Yes it needs to be enforced this isn’t going anywhere if it’s not going anywhere we’re still going to be at risk everyday of our lives and its not right,” said Broome.

At his press conference Friday last Friday the Mayor saying he wanted soft enforcement of this mandate over the first ten days with the Governor’s office statement and the Sheriff’s Office statement that appears guaranteed in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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