AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –  Getting food into the hands of families in order to end hunger in 25 counties is now becoming a bit harder for Golden Harvest Food Bank and many others.  The USDA announced this month that SNAP emergency allotments are ending in all states. That means the extra dollars given during the pandemic to eat is over.

“We all see what’s happening with grocery prices, so we’ve got a lot of families who many for the first time are turning to our partner agencies and to the food bank for help,” said Amy Breitmann, President & CEO of Golden Harvest Food Bank.

The additional dollars will end for all states this month.  Georgia’s benefits stopped in May of last year while South Carolina’s food help stopped in January.  Golden Harvest Food Bank continues to see an increase in need in the Peach State and now, in the Palmetto State as well.

“When we look at our find help page on our website, people are trying to find food,” Breitmann said. “So, they are punching in a zip code and they’re looking for an agency near them.  We’re seeing about a 300 percent increase. So, three times the number of people hitting that page just in the month of March.”

Community Ministry of North Augusta is also seeing an increased need.  Tammy Butler told us that extra $100 – $125 helped families, especially with inflation.  

“People used to come in and say I kind of just need the milk and some things like that, but now they need a little bit of everything.  They’re needing personal care items, if we have baby food, they need that,” said Butler, Executive Director, Community Ministry of North Augusta.

Despite the need, families are not going without.

Butler added, “Ministry partners and just the public has stepped up in donations to our food bank. So, we are able to increase the amount of food that we give to our clients.”

“We definately turn to our donors,” Breitmann said. “Every dollar creates three meals for those that are struggling with hunger.  We’ve really reached out to the community and asked for them to come behind this because it’s all of our issue.”

People can support through donations and volunteer to help the food banks and feed people across the two state.

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