AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Just a day before Thanksgiving, the Food Lion on Windsor Spring Road was forced to shut its doors after an 18-wheeler sideswiped a transformer.  A transformer that just happened to supply electricity for the store….  and the accident caused an electrical fire.

“I called the fire department black smoke was rising I thought it was just a breach fire but it kept rising,” said witness.

Shoppers suddenly had to high-tail it to nearby stores, to finish up their Thanksgiving shopping.

“Went to one store and they didn’t have everything so decided to try to come here at this other store at Food Lion and man once I got here the store closed up early,” said Kinsey Brinson, shopper

Food Lion released a statement saying it looked forward to serving customers again, but at this time the safety of employees and customers was the top priority.

Brinson says he went to multiple stores before coming to Food Lion to get what he needs—he plans to keep shopping.

“I’m going to a couple more stores to check some more stores out tonight may do a little Christmas shopping too”

It’s not clear when the Food Lion will open back up, we’ll keep you updated as that info becomes available.