AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Grahams had an easy time of it as they cast their votes at the Henry Brigham Center, and 17 days of early voting did not matter. 

“I believe in voting on the day of the election to vote,” says George Graham. 

The Grahams are not alone.

Thousands of others came out on Election Day instead of voting early.  

“I was a little busy, so I’m here today though,” says Reon Collier.  

“Okay, what’s bringing you out why are you here today?”  

“I want to vote,” Collier says.  

More than 30,000 voted in advance, but Augusta election officials says voters were ready to get going even before the polls opened. 

“Polls opened at seven o’clock, and we had a few people in line waiting, but everything has been running very well,” says Augusta Elections Director Travis Doss.  

And it wasn’t surprising to see a Sheriff’s car cruise by polling places as a security precaution. 

“We haven’t had any problems reported as of yet and we hope not,” says Doss.   

Doss says that he is predicting a 55-65% turnout for this mid-term election and even though early votes do not count more, under Georgia law, they do get counted first.  

“We have already been going through the early processing, and then at 2 P.M. today, we start some tabulating. We’ll tabulate the early votes, and hopefully, we have all that done by 7 P.M. That should be our first upload,” says Doss.  

Tuesday’s voting may not end it. 

There are races with three candidates, like the Tax Commissioners contest, and that means, there could be a run-off on December 6th.