MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County School District has announced Principal Grace Meyer will return to her position at Stevens Creek Elementary School.

Assistant Superintendent Kristen Carroll told parents in a release Monday morning that the school district finished its “internal review process”, and Meyer would be coming back as principal.

“Oh gosh, I was thrilled. I know that the parents I’ve spoken to are just thrilled,” said Stevens Creek Elementary PTO Secretary Jill Morris–who is also a parent at the school.

This comes after an original letter was sent to parents back on October 6th, saying that Meyer would be stepping down and taking a different role in the school district.

It came to the surprise of parents like Morris, who say she has done a phenomenal job.

“The kids are constantly in and out of her office for lunch with the principal and special experiences with the principal. She’s been involved in all the activities that we’ve put on through the PTO and otherwise. She’s just love, the kids love her,” said Morris.

On top of being personable, Morris adds the environment Meyer has created while in charge has been safe and welcoming.

“Having spoken to numerous teachers, she is adored. It’s a warm environment, it’s caring. People feel cared about as employees at Stevens Creek. The parents all seem to have a pretty great relationship with her, she’s very responsive, very caring, and we know that she loves our children,” said Morris.

Carroll also notified parents that former principal, Dr. Barry O’Neill, would serve as interim principal–along with current assistant principal Megan Wuchte.

Since O’Neill stepped in, parents like Morris say he’s made the transition a lot easier than it first looked.

“He’s been fantastic. We’ve been very lucky to have him for the interim. He knows Stevens Creek, and I’m grateful he is staying until Grace comes back,” said Morris.

The Columbia County School District is unable to comment at this time.

Morris says it’s the lack of transparency from the school district that has frustrated many parents.

“There just has not been a lot of great answers, there has been very little communication, and it’s kind of left us really curious about what the process was, and how this decision seemed to come down so fast with little notice to anybody,” said Morris.

While further details are yet to be released, Morris says it will be great to see her back where the community wants her to be

“There were a lot of tears, a lot of sadness when she left a month and a half ago, so I know they’ll be thrilled to have her back,” said Morris.

O’Neill will remain in the position until the end of December, and Meyer will return on January 2nd, 2024.