AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- The Richmond County School Board is considering closing Terrace Manor and Willis Foreman Elementary. Board members held a town hall at Wheeless Road Elementary Thursday to get parents’ input. Right now, this is just a proposal.  

“If the proposals go through then they’re able to leave out of one school and come to another some cases are equal,” said Bill Montgomery, Montgomery Educational Consultants, Inc.

With two schools potentially closing, students will have to move to other schools in the district.

“Terrace Manor Has slightly been dropping is now down to 47% Terrence Manor a facility although it is well managed by the facilities people it is in more physical condition The proposed action as I mention is to merge Terrace Manor into Wheeless Road,” said Montgomery.

Closing the two schools is what the school district refers to as their “rightsizing plan” making sure every student is accounted for.

Officials say right now, the elementary schools are at low capacity.

“There are some neighboring counties that have the same amount of students that we have but they’re running with 25 less schools then we currently have a Richmond County so I want you to understand this is about resources this is not about money, “ said Benton Starks, Senior Director of facility services.

Starks says this is a solution, “In order to optimize our resources we have which will hear later on you have an optimize size of elementary schools and at my size of middle schools in order to create funding if things are optimally” 

Again, this is just a proposed plan, they will have other Townhall meetings this month, and if approved by the board after input from parents, they will move forward.