New Columbia County School Superintendent chosen


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Dr. Steven Flynt will serve as the next Columbia County School Superintendent.

“He knows how a great school district is run and he’s going to able to hit the ground running,” said Board of Education Chairman David Deckle.

Columbia County school board members voted unanimously Thursday to select Dr. Steven Flynt for the superintendent position.

Deckle said, “It started way back last fall with a committee of citizens and board members with many, many applications to review and went through the process of elimination.”

“I’m just really honored to be able to follow such a great superintendent. I’m just so humbled. Dr. Carrway she’s done such a great job, an excellent job and I’m just looking forward to building on the great things she’s done,” said Flynt.

The superintendent selection was delayed Tuesday due to scheduling conflicts.

Deckle explained, “We did not have the opportunity to present Dr. Flynt on Tuesday night the way we’re able to present him tonight. Bringing his family down, introducing him properly, giving him the introduction he deserves.”

Right now, building relationships within the county are on the top of Dr. Flynt’s agenda. He describes himself as a hands-on kind of guy and wants to get a firm grip on COVID19.

He said, “We know that it’s best for students to be in school and we’re going to continue to make that happen by following all of the precautions. And doing what the school system has already put in place. I think Dr. Carraway and her team have set a model. We’re going to continue to do that.”

Dr. Flynt graduated from Young Harris College and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. He worked his way up the Gwinnett County leadership ladder,  starting as a science teacher in 1994. 

Flynt added, “If there are successes that are going very well, that be great. If they’re having challenges, I would love to hear about that and see what we can do to help it. From what I hear it’s a very effective school district and I’m looking to build on the success that’s already here.”

Dr. Flynt’s employment contract isn’t set in stone yet but his salary is about $233,000 plus a car allowance, according to Chairman Deckle. He also noted Dr. Flynt’s salary is not an increase compared to his predecessor.

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