AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Meadowbrook Elementary partnered with “LAUNCH” – Leaders and Adolescents Uniting to Navigate Careers in Healthcare, Inc. – to host an after school session where students learned hands-only CPR and toured an ambulance.

We spoke with the founder of Launch Augusta, Kendra Broussard, to find out more about the program.

“Our mission is to increase diversity throughout healthcare professions and we do so by hosting a camp and after school partnerships like the one we’re at today,” said Broussard.

“Exposure is key. If we expose our children to different healthcare professions early on in their life then they’re able to decide if this is a profession that they’d like to go into and throughout the course of their life. They can prepare themselves for it.”

We asked Dr. Broussard if it was important for children to learn CPR this early.
“Definitely. Obviously, CPR saves lives and it’s shown that there are quite a few adults that may or may not know how to do CPR effectively. If we start teaching kids early they will have the skills to save lives now and later on in their life if it’s needed,” Broussard said.

For more info on the LAUNCH Program and how to get your child involved, CLICK HERE