AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “At least 27 of our students every other day is a national job shadowing day because we have students who are involved in work based learning opportunities all school year so they get an opportunity to do that full-time as students here at our school.” said Kyshone Hunter, Richmond Co. Technical Career Magnet school Principal

Kyshone Hunter is the principal at Richmond County Technical career magnet school. 

She says although the school is no stranger to career learning, for national job shadowing day, they decided to dig deeper.

“We have a vast assortment of career pathways that students can choose from and our mission and we start each day with reciting that mission and that is to prepare the students of today to become the skill professionals of tomorrow,” said Hunter.

The school allows students to shadow jobs in engineering, film, cyber, and others.

“We also have a world languages pathway here  so we have students who are interested in that as well and a major thing that we have going for us is our cyber academy we have a house right here” said Hunter.

Hunter says she wants to make sure students get plenty of exposure when choosing a career after graduating.

“The one thing that I’m really proud of with our students is that by having a work based learning opportunity they understand what it’s like to work in the workforce the importance of having good customer service” said Hunter.