AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Governor Kemp announcing full HOPE Tuition paid for qualifying students in Georgia in his State of the State Address Wednesday morning. It is a part of his budget proposal.

If passed, 100% of students’ tuition is now paid through Governor Kemp’s decision to bring that percentage up from 89.95. Students say they’re grateful for the change. 

“I’m actually very excited because now I can afford college, fully, and you know, I can save up some money to do some stuff I wanna do– maybe go on some trips now. But, I’m very happy he’s doing this and very grateful,” freshman Alexa Malagon said.

College tuition involves a lot more than just tuition.

“Like my books this semester were $500 dollars just for about four classes which is like really high and a lot of students couldn’t afford that kind of thing which puts you in a weird position,” freshman Madelynn Griffin said.

And when it comes time to take part in extracurricular activities, the cost goes up even more.  

“I’m pre-nursing society and I do a lot of volunteering outside of school, but it’s mostly just working on getting to be a nurse, volunteering, and things like that,” Griffin said.

“I would like to say that’s very exciting. I think that will have a major impact and it will get more students more interested in, maybe, coming back to school so they can finish their degree,” Earl said. 

Lawmakers will eventually make the final call on whether to approve the governor’s proposal. 

“I feel like it pushes kids, now, to work harder in school because you know 80% now it’s a 100%. I think it was Zell that was 100%, but now this gives people the opportunity to keep A’s and B’s,” Malagon said.

“It just impacts everyone a lot, especially with today’s economy and everything,” Earl said.

This proposal will be included in the proposed state budget. 

Changes like these relieve the students of any other financial burdens while getting their education.