JEFFERSON Co. (WJBF)- Teachers and administrators are coming up with solutions to better educate students in Jefferson County and stop violence in the community.

“I believe you have to do everything in decency and it in order you got to have structure in order for something to be successful so this is going to be the first of many meetings that we have,” said Samuel Dasher, school superintendent.

Superintendent Samuel Dasher says it’s time to come up with ways to resolve violence and disruption in schools.

Parents are on the same page.

“I believe they’ve taken away a lot but the thing about it is are they going to eat it and devour it and then do what they need to do to help you get better,” said Neoski Johnson.

During the meeting everyone was put into groups, writing down problems and issues involving the youth, Dr. Dasher says the school district will take this information and solve the problem  

“How are we going to move forward how are we going to work with our kids how are we going to work together and that’s what we want to make sure we walk away from doing this is being collaborative and working together and operating as a community because what happens in here isn’t just a school issue,“ said Dasher.

But parents have a duty as well…..

“Get around positive other parents other people other people that have raise other kids and stuff like that and just learn how to work with them people are not out to hurt your kids they’re here to help you in the community and help your kids be better in the community,” said Johnson.

Dasher says they will have another community outreach again in December.