AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wants to give teachers in the Peach State pay raises.

According to the Georgia Department of Education, more than 40 percent of teachers leave their jobs within the first five years, and educators feel Gov. Kemp’s Proposal of a $2,000 salary increase might help teacher retention. 

“So that $2000 dollar incentive– I mean, he, over the last– over his last term and this term, has provided teacher raises which I think has definitely helped us and maintaining our teacher workforce across the state,” Dr. David Buckman Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Associate Dean of Educator Preparation and Partnerships.

If the General Assembly approves this latest pay hike, that would make 7-thousand dollars in raises for state teachers since Kemp took office.

The hope is these raises help prevent teachers from leaving for the private sector.

“So just keeping teachers in definitely helps out with the issue of not having that teacher-shortage that you hear so much about across the United States.”

And local educators are grateful to be seen. 

“We care for kids first and foremost that’s why we do things that are in the best interest of the child or the kid. So when it comes to that value just being in that classroom and having someone who actually cares and they show it– I think that’s the value.”

 Dr. Buckman wants students pursuing a career in education to know teaching is about so much more than money.

“You never know the impact you’re having on someone and what they’re going through and being that person that helped them get through it. So, just having those teachers who are consistently in the classroom and just maintaining within their career.”

Educators are grateful for the raises.

“Governor Kemp has done a great job over his last two terms, with really focusing on education and making sure that teachers are receiving pay increases.”