THOMSON, Ga (WJBF) – Students at R. L. Norris Elementary School are getting a chance to have fun and learn at the same time with First Lego League.

“First Lego League is a program where anyone from any grade, from the ages 9 to 16 can participate in a competition where you build a robot, and you compete in a series of missions to gain as many points to win,” said student, Gabriel Desario.

First Lego League is a global program that promotes teamwork, communication skills, and critical and creative thinking.

“There’s so much to it that’s not just Lego’s. There’s this world wide problem that they put out every year, every year it’s brand new, this year is super powered renewable energy and the kids have to come up with a problem with renewable energy and they have to come up with their own solution. They have to build a model and they have to write a skit, and perform it,” said Teacher Khrista Henry.

While the program is challenging the kids are having a blast.

“I like doing the robot games because you get to learn about new missions and the ones that you’re working on,” said student Jada Jones.

“It’s fun but it’s also challenging ,” said Kay Mannino.

“It’s about trying to switch to a more renewable energy instead of using fossil fuels,” said Student Patrick Meyer.

“It’s coding and there’s a bunch of stuff. We got challenges here and there, you got fun, and it’s really amazing and I would like to do this again next year,” said Student Cody Ballard.

The students will be competing in a competition in January and they were more than happy to show off the robot they’ll be competing with.

“This Frank, we named him on Halloween and Frank is short for Frankenstein. We’re going to be running our robots and we have two minutes and thirty seconds to do all of them,” said D’Zyreon Evans.

The kids at Norris Elementary are ready for their competition and the skill that they’ve learned in First Lego League will stay with them for years to come.

“One of my dreams is to actually be a coder and to learn Python,” said Gabriel.

“This is some of their most memorable memories in their school career. I know as an educator this is by far the most challenging and most rewarding activity I’ve ever done,” said Henry.