Evans High School has virtual Spirit Week on Instagram


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The Coronavirus has been affecting life across the world, forcing people to do things from home, and causing multiple events to be canceled.

But students at Evans High aren’t letting social distancing stop them from having a good time.

It’s Spirit Week at the high school, and even though the students are learning from home, Principal Michael Johnson told me that Spirit Week was still taking place on the school’s Instagram account.

“We were scheduled to have ‘Spring Bling’ before everything happened with the ‘Corona 19’ virus, so, we just wanted to continue to kick off the spring and celebrate with our kids while they’re at home learning by doing different events throughout the week.”

Each day of the week has a different theme, like “Pajama Day” and “Bring Your Pet to School Day”.

“It was ‘Bring Your Pet to School’ yesterday and we wanted them to do a virtual “Bring Your Pet to School’ where they sent a little clip of them and their pet.”

Each event encourages students and teachers to interact with each other in a time where everyone is forced to be apart, but Principal Johnson tells me he’s getting positive feedback for the online event.

“Lot of positive feedback. Again, you got to keep in mind they’ve been at home for the past five days, going on six, and they are probably going out of their minds right now. So, they are looking for some type of outlet…something to do.”

Even with everything going on, Principal Johnson had encouraging words for his students.

“Continue to follow the rules put in place by the CDC and by our county commissioners and the Columbia County Board of Education; but take this time to enjoy your family and reconnect. Don’t get too stressed out about the assignments. We’re gonna get to work before school is over. The key word with this is ‘flexibility’ and that’s what we’re gonna have with our students while we are working with them.”


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