EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Back to school means much more than classes and grades. This time around, it means knowing how to stay safe from the coronavirus. The Columbia County School District is getting ready to reopen its schools. School leaders say teachers, parents, and the students must all play a role in stopping the spread.

“If parents tell their children at home that this is not important, they will bring that attitude when they come to school,” said Michele Sherman.

Administrators throughout the CSRA say they are eager to get students back into the classrooms. In Columbia County, the first few weeks of school will focus on teaching routines and procedures.

“That’s our job, to educate and grow and help our children become model citizens,” explained Sherman. “It’s certainly our responsibility to do that.”

The Assistant Superintendent says teachers will talk to students about safety and the science behind wearing a face covering. Students will have access to sanitizers to clean their computers, and there will be less face to face contact.

“We have so many procedures in place,” said Sherman. “I want to tell you that we thought of everything, but we probably haven’t. I can tell you that when we get to that point, and we recognize something that we need to do, we will adjust our plan.”

A lot of the procedures in place, like keeping your hands to yourself, won’t be new to the kids. Many of them have been taking steps to stay healthy since this whole thing started.

“That’s the added benefit of all this brought,” said Sherman. “We teach children how important it is to have good hygiene, whether you’re in a pandemic or not.”
Even in the middle of a pandemic, the main goal of the school system remains the same.

“We are experts at learning and teaching,” said Sherman. “We are also experts at engaging our students and establishing relationships; that has not changed.”

The school system is looking at the importance of wearing a face-covering when you can’t social distance and when to social distance. Those are going to be the two things the school district makes sure the students understand.