Columbia County’s school board approves schedule revision for Masters week, graduation dates set


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Two options were on the table to revise the Columbia County school schedule. Leaders said the second option gives teachers more time to work with.

“People don’t realize that teachers generally prepare for in-person instruction. Now under this A/B model, they have to plan in-person instruction one day, learn from home the next day and it takes time,” said Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carraway.

Since no roars will be coming from patrons at the Masters Tournament in November, the Columbia County School Board approved a new schedule. There will be school during Masters week except on Veterans Day.

Dr. Carraway explained, “October 12 will be a holiday for all students. And then September 4 and October 9, which are currently early release days for elementary students, will be learn from home days for our middle and high school students. Our middle and high school teachers will have two full days of planning.”

The school year is going to end three days earlier than originally planned on May 21. Graduations are also set for that date and on May 22 at Evans Towne Center Park.

“We’re excited and I know our graduates are too. Especially after a year like this. It’ll be a great celebration,” said Dr. Carraway.

As the school district continues to work to curb the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Carraway says they’ve bought ionization modules to help clean the air.

She said, “Have them installed in nearly all of our buildings by September 1 they will be functioning in all of our buildings. We just purchased mop models for 300 of our buses. In a month’s period of time, all of our buses will have cleaner air for our students.”

“I think the schools are doing a good job at trying their best but I mean, it’s a really hit or miss type of thing. You know, especially with everything going on in the world. It’s very hard to really pinpoint,” added Tatiana Battle.

Columbia County administrators will be keeping track of positive COVID-19 cases every week and break that down by school. And if the positive case is a student or an employee.

View the full schedule below or download by clicking HERE.

You can also check out the current Graduation Schedule below:

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