COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- “Routinely we go through a textbook adoption to ensure that we have current materials for our teachers to use in the classroom in order to enrich and make sure that our students are learning at a high-level,” said Kellye Bosch, Associate Superintendent

Columbia County’s school board is planning to implement new textbooks for middle and high school students. It’s part of a way to help grow the English language arts curriculum.

“We are looking at our ELA textbooks that we currently have and we are looking at our textbooks six through 12th grade to determine which books we’re going to use to help support the curriculum” said Bosch.

Parents have been able to view a textbook display at the Board of Education. During Tuesday’s board meeting some parents expressed their thoughts about the schools curriculum. 

“It seems like we spend six figures on some of these programs when they’re shiny and they’re new and they market really really well and then they promise the world but then we look at our math and reading scores and they’re not really going up,” said Katie Allen, a parent.

Bosch says adopting these instructional materials will benefit both teachers and students. 

“Our students and our teachers need good resources that they can use to teach the standards and so every so many years we’re on a cycle where we go through and look for materials that are more current for our teachers to use in the classrooms,” said Bosch.

Board members will have another discussion and final review at the next board meeting on February 28th.