COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Columbia County school administrators sat down with teachers and parents, to look at ways to address stress and anxiety among students.

“When the children are on social media it’s been proven that their cortisol levels rise, and this is your stress hormone and so that will create a lot of anxiety in our children who are having trouble you know controlling that anxiety and so if they’re always in a state of anxiousness.” said Shawn Meyers, Student support counselor, Greenbrier High School.

Columbia County Schools have a no phone policy during school hours. Parents can do their part as well. 

 “Well you can put parental controls on their devices and I think that’s really something that’s important especially when they’re at school; they really need to be focusing on learning and they are there for seven hours a day if they’re in the high school,” said Meyers.

Good eating habits, deep breathing, and exercise can also help.

“It’s important that our kids understand how their brains work and even just having that awareness is a coping skill in and of itself. We can all Google different coping skills,” said Katy Towns, Student Support Counselor, Evans High School.

There will be another forum on December 8th at Evans High School focusing on bullying.