AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta University has plenty of fields of study to choose from and one that’s been really starting to grow is its animation program.

“We teach the skill sets that are necessary to make video games and animated movies. Everything from the 3-D models, actually hand-crafting the drawings, laying out your stories, creating the movements, performance of the characters, everything involved with that, that’s our domain,” said Director of the Animation Program, A.B. Osborne.

Student’s can take what they learn from the class and work in a growing industry.

“It’s a big booming industry. During COVID a lot of people stayed at home, we played video games, we watched movies and all that needed animation. So those markets keep getting bigger and bigger world wide,” said Osborne.

The program launched in 2019 and Augusta University’s goal is to keep growing it over the next few years.

“We’re renovating two new warehouses and we’re going to grow our facility by about twenty one new faculty. So massive growth, we’re getting tons of students and Georgia’s a cool place to be for animation,” said Osborne.

With more animation jobs coming to Georgia, students are excited about the program.

“We are getting such a nice program in Augusta, somewhere close to home, somewhere that you can get ready for the industry,” said student Ashley Dunn-Smith.

“There’s a lot going on especially in the Atlanta area. Everything entertainment is flocking towards here, more so than California nowadays. They need people to fill those jobs, there’s not enough people to meet that demand and we’re part of the solution,” said Osborne.

Augusta University’s animation program will only get bigger and better, and students and staff are excited to see what the future holds.

“This experience has been more than I anticipated it being and I really look forward to seeing where it goes and hopefully I can come back and see how large it’s gotten, and see all the cool stuff everyone’s made,” said Dunn-Smith.

“I really appreciate the support we’ve had. A lot of people have had faith in what we’re doing and we just want to keep growing and keep turning out and representing Augusta,” said Osborne.