AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Army and Augusta University are teaming up to help service members get more access to higher education. 

The U. S. Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence and Augusta University are expanding educational opportunities for service members with two new online graduate degree programs.  

Thursday morning, Augusta University’s President Brooks Keel and Fort Gordon Commanding General Major General Paul Stanton officially announced their partnership in AU’s first fully only graduate degree programs.

“Augusta University is presenting an online opportunity for soldiers to develop that  critical education foundation so that they can be dynamic when needed,” said Major General Paul T. Stanton, Commanding General of the U. S. Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon.

The programs include a Master of Science in Information Security Management and a Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies. 

“Augusta University’s growth and development in these degree areas comes at a time of crisis-level worker shortages in cyber security with a half a million jobs unfilled across this country,” said Brooks A. Keel, PhD, President of Augusta University.

The strategic partnership between the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence and Augusta University was first established in 2016. 

“Partnerships with Augusta University…it’s the pinnacle of what it means to work together,” said Major General Stanton. The willingness for AU to adjust and develop and design a curriculum – it fits right into what our soldiers need. It is unprecedented. And, frankly, it’s the way of the future.”

“The unique aspect of this is the taylor-made partnership that we’re going into with this,” said President Keel. “We’re taking the incredible experience that these service members get- while they’re at Fort Gordon and other places within the army- and being able to take that they get there, transfer it into us so they’re not losing that credit. ”

Major General Stanton has found that soldiers are enthusiastic about advanced degree opportunities. 

“They recognize that the education foundation will help them perform their mission better,” said Stanton. “But then, also, eventually, everyone will take the uniform off at some point. And having an educational   foundation in the form of a degree is transformation for our team.”

President Keel and Major General Stanton tell me they are thrilled about what this opportunity can provide for Fort Gordon soldiers and soldiers across the nation.