AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta Christian Schools has been around since 1958. Since then, they’ve partnered with families to help guide students through their academic careers.

“Our mission statement here at Augusta Christian is to prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord, partnering with family and church, instilling high standards spiritually, academically, socially, and physically,” said Head of School, Les Walden.

Augusta Christian Schools tries to differentiate itself from other private schools by bringing in exciting new programs.

“You want to always look at what’s going on in the world, in business, in the colleges today. You want to make sure you’re preparing these students with what they will need to be successful as they move forward,” said Walden.

We stopped by the school to see some of their programs. The first was in their health care science lab.

“We have Intro to Health Care, Essentials of Health Care, which is like an anatomy class, we have sports medicine, and we also have the Patient Care Fundamentals, which is a CNA class. So, when students go through the whole program and they finish the CNA class, they are certified nursing assistants,” said Health Care Science Instructor, Amy Jenkins.

Another special program the school offers is sign language. The state of Georgia now recognizes American Sign Language as a foreign language credit.

“It’s incredibly important because deaf people are often not communicated with for the gospel and for academia, and for work, and so for the students to just know the language, and know the culture, now deaf have an opportunity to be accommodated, and to really get involved in their community,” said instructor, Mario Lett.

The school’s Christian JROTC program has been around for a few years and is still growing.

“As a growing program we’re trying to inspire kids to be leaders, not only among their peers but in the community, as well. We teach military history, focus on civics, and leadership, and do labs with the students that will help build those skills and trades so we can build the future leaders of tomorrow,” said Senior Naval Science Instructor, Timothy Sparks.

With all of the exciting programs, it’s clear Augusta Christian Schools cares about it’s students and their future.

“We want them to have been successful in their academics, so that if they want to go the college of their choice, they’ll be able to go to whatever college they want. If they want to join the military, if they want to go in to a trade, whatever they want to do, we just want to make sure they’re prepared to do that,” said Walden.