Dodge’s Store Site of Grand Larceny

Edgefield County
crime tape generic_1548427524442.jpg.jpg

A little after 2 am Tuesday morning, the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received an alarm from ADT concerning Dodge’s Store on Augusta Road.

Upon arrival, the deputy noticed the front door to be completely shattered. The officer called for back-up to help clear the building. A nearby Edgefield City officer responded, and the two lawmen cleared the building, finding no one inside.

A keyholder for the business was called to the scene and walked with an investigator through the store to determine what had been taken.

Approximately $1200 worth of Newport and Maverick brand cigarettes were noted to be missing.

Damage to the building was reported to be near $3000, as the burglar(s) not only smashed the front door, but broke four light bulbs in the front of the business. Additionally, the suspects damaged the SCE&G meter box, knocking it from it’s position and cutting an assortment of wires to the box.

This story first appeared in The Edgefield Daily

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