Edgefield County officials looking for input on LMO; invitations in the mail


EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) Soon residents in Edgefield County will have a greater say on plans for the future of the county. The reviews are mixed on what the county should do about growth and zoning.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding about it and to be quite honest, there needs to be a lot of work done on it,” County Administrator Tommy Paradise told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk.

The Land Management Ordinance is a part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. It deals with zoning and will provide regulations for future development.

The county, as well as residents, have had conversations about the plan for quite some time. “There needs to be a lot of work done on it and dial it back some, less restrictive, even some places where we’ve tried to make the ordinance less restrictive than what we have now. It’s been misinterpreted,” Paradise said.

Stakeholders in the county will have small group meetings with about 10 to 20 residents at any given time. The sessions will be a conversation of sorts to find out what folks like and don’t like about the possible proposed changes.

“The reason for that is one, if it’s a public meeting, you can’t control the crowd number,” Paradise added.

Every property owner in the county is expected to get an invitation. “By keeping it small and not a public meeting, people aren’t as afraid to speak out,” he said.

Then the planning commission will review the data and make decisions based on what the wants and needs of those here in the county are.

“We want to get the input from them at the basic level. And that way we can move forward. You know, there’s a lot of social media and yeah, social media is very loud, but social media doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what the majority wants,” the County Administrator shared.

It will take several months to get the process complete. If you haven’t received your postcard invitation yet it is in the mail.

Meanwhile, there is a public hearing on a couple of zoning issues coming up. They will take place at The Edgefield County Planning Commission meeting on April 14 at 6 p.m., If you have any questions or would like to submit written comments please contact The Edgefield County Building and Planning Department, (803) 637-4073 by 12 p.m. April 14.

  • A re-zoning application (RR to ID) Parcel IDs: 145-00-00-(063, 064, 085, 086, 087, 088, 089)-000, Rainbowfalls Rd., by Southern Felt Company.
  • A subdivision application (Hollow Oak) Parcel ID: 176-00-00-018-000, Sunnybrooke Rd., by JSMG Development, LLC.
  • A planned development application (Heritage Place) Parcel ID: 163-00-00-001-000, Edgefield Rd., by Crowell and Co., Inc.

The hearing will be located at the Edgefield County Council Chambers on Jeter Street in Edgefield.

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