AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – In Columbia County, voters and elections officials alike say early voting is off to a big start.

“I’ve never seen a line this long,” says Johnny Cogburn, a voter. “And I always early vote. And I’ve never seen it this long.”

Early voting in Columbia County began Monday morning at 8 A.M.

Voters flocked to Euchee Creek Library and Building G3 on Ronald Reagan Drive.

They were happy to say the process is efficient.  

“It was a great experience,” says Michael Perry, a voter. “I mean, the line seems pretty long, but it’s a very efficient process. We got through it in, I don’t know, 35, 40 minutes.”

“I am absolutely loving it,” says Nancy Gay, Executive Director at Columbia County Board of Elections. “I love advanced voting – the energy, the excitement that the voters bring.”

Gay says that, within the first four hours, more than 800 voted at Euchee Creek Library and more than 600 voted at Building G3.

“We get to know each other in the line,” says Starr Crawford, a voter. “It’s funny because everybody was really nice not to talk about politics to start anything up in line… so we got into an argument about football.”

Gay says there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the one-hour extension on voting days. 

“I think people should be able to vote,” says Cogburn. “There should be as much time for people to vote as they need. So, I agree with the extension of the time.”

Gay reminds voters that Monday, November 28th is the deadline to get absentee ballot requests submitted.

Completed ballots must be received by 7 P.M. on Election Day, December 6th.

“And on December 6th, all 50 of our voting precincts will be open,” saYS Gay. “And if you did not vote early or absentee, you will need to go to your assigned precinct on Election Day.”

Early voting is available to Columbia County residents from 8 A.M. until 6 P.M. through December 2nd.

Residents can vote at the former Euchee Creek Library or building G3 on Ronald Regan Drive.