Early voting helps make for smooth election day except for some voters


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Allen Hudson likes to vote in November on Election Day,

“I said year praise the lord they smile and I know Miss Barnes I know the other one everything was fine it went smooth,” he said after voting at Julian Smith Casino.

Voters who waited for Election Day really didn’t have to wait to step up to a machine and cast their ballot.

“No maybe about five to ten minutes,” said Susie Harris.

“So there wasn’t a long line in your way?

“No it went smooth,” she said.

Smooth and steady is the word we got at several polling sites a benefit of all the advance voting.

This is actually the fourth presidential election that has offered advance voting in fact some registered voters in Augusta have only known advance voting that makes going to the neighborhood precincts sometimes a foreign concept.

“What we seen the last two presidential elections in particular are not just one or two but hundreds of people who will come down here thinking the Municipal Building  is a voting place because we’ve been open for three weeks voting here,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey.

And we found no voting at the Municipal Building but did find voters who came out here thinking they could cast a ballot.

“I bet in your voting life you’ve only advanced voted right?

“Right, said Victoria Robinson who came to the Municipal Building

“Do you even know where your neighborhood precinct is?”

“No I don’t but we’re going to find out, she said.

“The Brigham Center is also used for advanced voting and we found voters here who are registered elsewhere who also thought they could cast their ballots/

“Voting in the neighborhood is something you’ve never really done fight,

“No, said Faye Addison.

“Are you going to go vote?”

“Yes I am I’m heading there now,” said Addison

One of the stories inside the Election story is the strength of advance voting, which set a record in Augusta, and whether advanced voting will surpass Election Day voting.

Elections Director Lynn Bailey saying it’s “certainly possible.”

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