Early voters taking to the polls in Georgia


GA – Voters are taking to the polls early in Georgia. While the South Carolina primary takes place tomorrow, Georgia’s time to pick a nominee is just 10 days away. Georgia counties are expecting thousands in advance ballots. The Columbia County Board of Elections even expects turnout for early voting to be as high as 50 percent.

Nancy Gay, Executive Director of the Columbia County Board of Elections says, “Columbia County, they like to vote. Our voters like to get out and voice their opinions.” She says voting is easy, pain-free process. “There is a short little application to fill out. Just asks the basic information, for your name, your address, your date of birth, and your signature, your sworn in to an oath and then a government issued photo ID. We’ll look you up in the computer to verify everything and get your vote.”

Georgia will decide their nominations on Super Tuesday, March 1st. Lori Patterson just voted and says now is the perfect time to send in your choice. “Well voting early is much more time efficient. You don’t have to wait in any lines usually. But then also you want to make sure your candidate, you don’t want to vote too early, you want to make sure your candidate’s still going to be on the ballot when you go to cast a vote,” says Patterson.

When you go to vote, you might notice a more crowded ballot than expected. Gay explains, “Currently we have 13 candidate names on the Republican ballot and four candidates on the Democratic side. And while some media reports have indicated that some have dropped out or suspended their campaigns, those names are still on our ballot.”

Whether you decide to vote early or on the day of the primary, It’s important to make sure your voice is heard. “It’s very empowering to vote. It’s your one voice. Everyone needs to get out and vote. It affects many aspects of your life. You may not feel it. They may be in Washington, you may be here, but it affects so much of your life,” says Patterson.

For Richmond and Columbia County, early voting begins Saturday from 9 to 4 and Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 in Columbia County and 8:30 to 6 in Richmond County. The last day to get an early ballot in is Friday, February 26th.

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