Dynasty Personal Care Home investigation underway– Neighbors speak out


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)–  Investigators in Richmond County are looking into the death of a man living in a personal care home. It happened around 9 o’clock this morning in the 1900 block of Kings Grant Drive near Windsor Spring Road and Peach Orchard Road in South Augusta.

The deceased resident has been identified as 59-year old Edward Dath. I spoke with neighbors, and they said this doesn’t surprise them because they often saw those sickly patients outside and unattended.

“Walking the street.” “Do they look like they were being taken care of?” “No, one guy looked like he hadn’t had his shirt washed in a month, and the old man was out here the other day bumming a cigarette,” Marshall Kitchens, a neighbor, said.

Kitchens said law enforcement and ambulances frequented Dynasty care home– he said it was only a matter of time until something bad happened.

Tuesday morning, The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office immediately contacted Code of Enforcement and the D.A.’s office when Dath’s body was found. Authorities then contacted the Georgia Office of Personal Health, which oversees personal care homes in Georgia. Code enforcement began looking into previous cases and found enough violations to shut down the personal care home.

“It’s very troubling because they don’t know where they are, they don’t know what’s coming or what’s going. They get lost. It’s very troubling because they don’t even know if they ate or not. It’s heartfelt. It’s sad,” Tamara Covington, a neighbor, said.

Other neighbors, who didn’t want to go on camera, said they have seen residents of this home begging for food and water. Investigators said the five other residents have been re-homed, but it’s only a temporary fix. They also said none of their family members have come to the scene to check on their loved ones.

“You often wonder ‘Where is their family?’ Why isn’t their families checking on them not just the homeowner and person working in the home?” Covington told NewsChannel 6.

Investigators said they talked with the care home owner, but she refused to come to the scene.

“It’s just bad the way they take car of people. They want the money, ma’am. That’s all they want is the money. They don’t care about anything else. They just want the money,” Kitchens explained.

Investigators said the care home owner will face charges once autopsy results on Dath come back. This investigation is in its early stages– count on NewsChannel 6 to update you with the latest.

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