Driving behavior could be cause of accidents on Columbia County roads


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) –  The concern for driver’s safety has raised after two lives were claimed over the weekend in a car accident near the intersection of Columbia and Belair Roads.

People who work around this busy area say it is hard to travel safely through the city, especially during rush hours.

Assistant Executive for Seigler’s Karate Center, Stephanie Felez says it is hard for her to teach her students because of the small entrances.

“It is a little hard to come in here in the entrance at the gas station,” said Felez. ” I would say its a little complicated.”

According to the Georgia Department of transportation, there have been more than 300 car accidents on the two roads combined since 2015.

G-Dot includes impatient drivers are one of the reasons why accidents occur in the growing areas of Columbia County.

For example: changing lanes improperly, failing to yield or following to close are the top three dangerous driving behaviors.

Could confusing entrances be the cause of accidents or is it drivers who don’t pay attention?

Karl Simmons, a gasoline hauler, believes both play a part.

“It is hard for us to come in here with a truck…a 56 footer,” said Simmons. ” Especially when you have traffic like this on this road.”

In 2016 The Georgia Department of Transportation finished a project on Columbia road from South Old Belair up to the stoplight.

G-dot adds, while the heavy construction continues in Columbia county they encourage all drivers to be extra cautious in areas with increased congestion and road work areas.

Representatives of the shopping center are aware of the wrecks and are telling their tenants to inform the customers about coming in out of the plaza.

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