Drivers frustrated about pedestrians jaywalking


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Pedestrians jaywalking across busy streets left them dead or injured this week. The situation has become a problem in the CSRA in the past few years.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with drivers who are frustrated with people not using the intersection.

Lisa Jennings, of Augusta, said she is not happy with people darting out in the roadway. “People will walk out in front of your car, run. It’s very dangerous.”

You see it on almost every busy street.

“People don’t use the crosswalk and it’s there,” Sherry Ward said. “It’s just people don’t have the mind of safety.”

Pedestrians jaywalk, trying to make their way around town. But if you don’t use a crosswalk, it can be dangerous or deadly. Jaywalking proved fatal for 57-year-old Daniel Lanham Wednesday night. The Coroner’s Office said the homeless man was hit by a car on Peach Orchard Road and Lumpkin Road just after 9 p.m. and later died at the hospital.

Jennings added, “I live on this side of town and I see it all the time. People walking in front of your car. It’s very dangerous. There’s laws against this.”

Jaywalking left three people hurt, including two minors on Washington Road going towards Boy Scout Road Sunday night. Police records show that there have been four other pedestrians hit in that Zone. NewsChannel 6 reported in July 2018 that an Alabama woman driving under the influence of drugs hit and killed a man crossing I-20. In November 2017, we reported a spike in pedestrians hit and killed on Richmond County roads.

“I see it happen all the time, but they’re not going to stop. They will only find out when it’s too late,” said Lewis Rossi, of Augusta.

Heaven Johnson added that going to a crosswalk is best.

“Walking a little bit further saves your life.”

Ward also said of crosswalks, “You got the countdown on the hand that’s on the sign. Just don’t go by that. If you go by that, you still have the potential of getting hit. You got to look for that person turning.”

Jaywalking is not only dangerous, but it’s also illegal in the CSRA.

Photojournalist: Troy Robinson

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