(NEXSTAR) – A driver in Washington state fled the scene of an accident after getting an expensive McLaren 600LT sports car wedged underneath a guard rail earlier this week.

Trooper Robert Reyer of the Washington State Patrol shared news of the collision early on Tuesday morning on Twitter, confirming an investigation into a “hit and run” involving the 2020 luxury vehicle.

Included with Reyer’s tweet were several photos of the car, which appeared to have gotten stuck directly under a guard rail on State Road 512, near Tacoma. The car also looked to be totaled.

When asked if there were any known injuries, Trooper John Dattilo said Friday morning that the WSP could not confirm one way or the other.

“We aren’t sure on injuries since we haven’t spoken to the driver,” Trooper Dattilo told Nexstar.

WSP officials did not say whether they believed the McLaren was the only vehicle involved in the accident.

Police have not been able to speak to the driver, who left behind the McLaren sports car when fleeing the scene. (Washington State Patrol)

Speaking with The Oregonian earlier this week, Dattilo said these kinds of accidents — where drivers abandoned their cars because they don’t want to “get in trouble” — are very common.

“But it’s not necessarily common for it to be a $200,000 McLaren, though,” Dattilo told the outlet.

Police added that the car had dealer plates and was registered to a resident of Washington state. It was not reported stolen.

Dattilo told Nexstar that officials had yet to make contact with the driver of the McLaren as of Friday and were still working to contact the owner.

A trooper with the WSP said officials had yet to make contact with the driver as of Friday. (Washington State Patrol)

A McLaren 600LT sold for upwards of $259,000 during its 2020 model year, according to Car & Driver. McLaren, a British auto manufacturer, describes its 600LT models as “not [cars] for the faint-hearted” on its official website.

“This is a track animal let loose on the road. Our new sportscar benchmark. The fastest, most powerful and most extreme – yet road legal – Sports Series. Ever.”