Drag boat races make noise over fees


AUGUSTA,Ga  (WJBF)  Officials with the Augusta Southern National drag boats are making noise over fees being charged for  event.

This is the 30th year of the event but officials say this is the first time the Port Authority is charging fees for the use of things  like the docks, boat ramps, and use of the River..

Race Officials say the total cost would be more than 6000  dollars, so they want the commission to waive the new fees.

” It’s tough to raise money anywhere now a days but all off a sudden to impose a fee structure that makes no distinction between non profit and for profit events plus something we haven’t budgeted for it’s not budgeted in the port authority budget or the city budget we can’t absorb that kind of money,” says Dayton Sherrouse, The Chairman of the Augusta Southern Nationals.

A commission committee voted to waive the fees, however commissioners said they would reimburse the 64 hundred dollars the Port Authority  lost from the waiver.

Port Authority officials said  the fees are designed to raise money needed to keep up the riverfront.,

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