AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – Masters Week is here and that means traffic changes on Washington Road.

“It’s heavy,” said Tiandrea Walker, who lives off Washington Road.

“Lot of extra people, lot of extra cars,” said Ramon Alvarado, who lives off Washington Road.

“It’s tough though, Masters Week,” said Milton Burroughs, who lives off Washington Road.

The Masters Tournament is back at full capacity, and so is the traffic on Washington Road.

“So, we have a lot different traffic control devices in place just for this week,” said John Ussery, the assistant director of Traffic and Engineering.

That means orange traffic cones, message boards, and new traffic signs in place this week. Assistant Director of Augusta’s traffic and engineering department John Ussery says it’s to help guide visiting patrons.

He says “We have cones on Washington Road, Berckman Road, and Alexander. We just want to make sure when you get near the golf course that you’re in the correct lane. So, the messages on the message board and some of the overhead signs where tell you where you should go and then once you get where need to go the cones will keep you in your correct lane and then we’ll get you where you should go to park.”

This Masters traffic plan has been in the works for five months. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Augusta National Golf Club, and Jacob’s engineering are just a few parts working together to help patrons and people who live in Augusta get from point A to point B.

“The amount of traffic goes up quite a bit during Masters Week and the traffic pattern is different during a normal day,” said Ussery.

Ussery says normally around 50 thousand people travel Washington Road every day, but with Masters patrons in town that number jumps to around 80 thousand, and while some people have found ways to navigate through it.

“As long as I stay in the right lane where it doesn’t turn into the Masters I’m okay,” said Kenneth Hughes, who lives off Washington Road.

“We try to go down Calhoun or either go down Walton Way,” said Milton Burroughs, who lives off Washington Road.

Others are still trying to figure it out.

“I wasn’t expecting this much traffic,” said Walker.

But Ussery says the best thing for drivers to do these next few days is find detours around Washington and Alexander Roads and Riverwatch Parkway from 7-to-10-A-M and 4-P-M-to-8-P-M. But there’s one other thing Ussery says will save you from the traffic headaches.

Ussery says, “Don’t use your GPS. Your GPS will tell you to do something that we’re probably not going to allow you to do this week and you’ll be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.”