AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — It’s called ” Flurona”.

” Which is a combination of Covid and  influenza,” Dr. Roger MacArthur said.

It means testing positive for both COVID-19 and the flu at the same time.

Dr. Roger MacArthur at the Medical College of Georgia said getting both could put you at a higher risk for pneumonia.

” So, the concern is if you get both that could really do a job on your lungs putting you at increased risk pretty quickly for getting bacterial pneumonia in addition to say Covid pneumonia.

Cases have been reported in LA, Houston and South Florida.

Doctors said see we’re seeing more cases of the flu this year in Augusta compared to last year — that coupled with a surge in Omicron cases makes it even more important to get vaccinated.

” Its a really good reason to get vaccinated. Get the flu vaccine — we’re still giving out the flu vaccine and get the two doses and even a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Its also important to wear a mask — doctors said masks are even more effective at preventing flu than they are Covid. 

” Masks are variably effective at preventing the spread of SARS-COV2, but they’re very good at preventing the spread of influenza because influenza is spread by droplets,” MacArthur said.

In addition to wearing a mask, doctors advise following social distancing guidelines.