AIKEN Co. (WJBF)-Investigators are working to put together pieces after three teenagers were shot and killed on Sunday, the Aiken community is also helping to bring justice.

“We have been working this investigation since it began and we can say now that around 11:30 last night we arrested one suspect in connection to this violent crime” said Captain Eric Abdullah, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

18 year old Xabian Bailey was taken into custody and will charged with three counts of murder and Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime after shooting three teenagers at a home on Wadley Drive in Aiken.

Aiken County sheriff’s office say they are also looking for Alvin Artis IV and a 15-year-old shooting suspect whose identify is not being revealed due to being a minor.


Jack Logan with “Put Down The Guns Now Young People” organization says ​he is taking it a step further by coming to Aiken to help keep guns out of the hands of teenagers.

“We’re coming this afternoon to send a message and to hand out free gun locks for adults and parents if they have children around. If they don’t have children around, we want them to come and get a free gun lock because these teenagers are getting their hands on guns somewhere,” said Logan.

Logan says with this crime involving teenagers makes it an even bigger impact on the community and teenagers should be cautious.

“The question is to them do you love that gun more than you love your mother and father” said Logan.

“These are cases that we take on a case by case bases and we put our full effort in investigating all cases “ said Captain Abdullah.

The Put Down the Guns now Young People Organization will be at 1850 Whiskey Road in Aiken from 6-8pm Monday to Hand out free gun locks and have teens sign certificates pledging to not use guns.