Do Landlords Have to Fix Air Conditioners?


RICHMOND COUNTY, GA — A Hephzibah woman says her A/C has not been working for a few weeks and that her landlord won’t fix it.

“As you can see I have it set to 72 degrees and it’s already 85 degrees in here now. And it gets up to like 90/93 degrees in here,” Alisha Smith said.

She says she can’t take it anymore. The summer heat has been too much for her.

“Unbearable. Can’t even stay here, cook. It’s really inconvenient because I’m paying rent somewhere and can’t even be here to reside,” she said.

Smith says she and her children have been forced to stay with friends and family.

“It’s summer time. They don’t want to be forced to go to grandma’s house every day,” Smith said.

The mother of 4 says she reached out to her landlord a month ago to let her know about the problems, but she says her landlord still hasn’t sent out a technician yet.

“She told me, basically, she’s not going to sit back and forth and argue with me, and if I don’t like it, I can get to stepping. She will give me my 30 day notice and I can get to stepping,” she said.

So we decided to take a look at the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook to find out Smith’s rights as a renter.

We found that, “landlords are not required to provide air conditioning. However, if a landlord rents a unit with air conditioning, they must keep the air conditioners in good repair.”

“The a/c unit just runs continuously all day long,” Smith told us.

She says it needs to be fixed soon because her power bill already shot up to $480 last month.

“It wasn’t a surprise to me. I’m just looking at it shaking my head. I already knew. It’s a very old system and I would like some compensation on this $480 light bill,” she said.

We reached out to Smith’s landlord, but she didn’t answer and has not called us back yet.

If you have problems with your landlord:

According to the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook, “if the landlord fails to repair within a reasonable amount of time, you can pay for the repair and subtract that cost from your next month’s rent.”

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