DNC makes Paine College its first Georgia bus tour stop


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – One national committee rolled through Georgia making Paine College its first tour stop to push students to the polls. The event headlined an array of leaders who encouraged rocking the vote.  The Democratic National Committee hopes to turn Georgia blue and it’s keying in on every voter in the Peach State, especially minority voters enrolled at historically black colleges such as Paine.

Mayor Hardie Davis told students, who stood outside of the Chapel, “The first stop in the great state of Georgia is right here in Augusta, Georgia.”

The DNC’s tour bus arrived just minutes following the kick off of the event. While Hillary Clinton prepares for the final presidential debate with Donald Trump, which takes place Wednesday, her team worked to get votes.

Southern Regional Communications Director Deshundra Jefferson said, “We have a candidate who hasn’t shown much interest in courting the African-American community. We have a candidate who is comparing inner cities to war zones.”

Getting students to vote didn’t seem like much of a hassle at Paine.

Isaac Pennymon, a Freshman, said he understands the importance of having his voice heard at the polls.

“People fought for our right to vote. We had women that even fought, even back in history when we get into the Seneca Falls convention with the women,” he said.

Senior Christopher Weems added why he wants to cast his ballot for Clinton, “The reason why I’m leaning towards Hillary Clinton is because when you have an opposing candidate that gets into the idea of walling out an entire culture of people, how long will it be before they decide to wall you out.”

U.S. Congressman Hank Johnson, of District 4, spent several minutes speaking with students.  He said Clinton would continue Barack Obama’s work and warned students about Trump.

“A guy who has no respect for minorities, Hispanics, handicap people, women,” Congressman Johnson said.

He also shared that many people say they do not trust Clinton, but reminded the students that she has done nothing wrong.

He said, “That’s all you hear is people saying she’s untrustworthy, but nobody can tell you what lies she has told,” he said.

Johnson told students to vote early, especially prior to November 4, the final early vote deadline. Some students said that’s exactly what they will do.

Deja Fitzgerald is one of them.

“[There have been] Different obstacles in the election so I feel like we really have to think about this election than any other election that has happened in the past.”

The DNC only stayed for about a half an hour and then the bus made its way to the University of Georgia in Athens.

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