Diaper-changing stations to be in more men’s restrooms


WASHINGTON (WFLA/WCMH) — It will soon be a lot easier for dads to change diapers in public buildings. This week, President Obama signed the “Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act” or better known as the “BABIES Act.”

According to Congress.gov:

This bill requires male and female restrooms in a public building to be equipped with baby changing facilities that the General Services Administration determines are physically safe, sanitary, and appropriate.

Such requirement shall be subject to any reasonable accommodations that may be made for individuals in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Such requirement shall be inapplicable to a restroom in a public building that: (1) is not available for public use, or (2) contains clear and conspicuous signage indicating where a male or female restroom is located within the same section or corridor of such building.”

The law had bi-partisan support and some star power behind it after actor Ashton Kutcher lobbied for that type of legislation.

Democratic Representative David Cicilline from Rhode Island introduced the bill, and he say it will start going into effect at social security offices, post office buildings and federal courthouses among other places.

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