AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Coverage you can count on begins right here at home. Today is the final round of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. 

Tee times were adjusted for Saturday’s final round of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur in an effort to get the day’s championship in between forecasted storms. 

“This is our first time,” said Meghan Winston. “We got tickets, just, in the lottery. It’s been so amazing because you hear about all the pomp and circumstance around everything about the Masters. And we’re finally here, so we’re very excited.”

Meghan and her husband, Ryan, came all the way from Maryland.

Despite the day’s forecasted showers, they came prepared with jackets and umbrellas. 

“As a school teacher, I’m a rule follower,” said Ryan Ferri. “So, look, we made sure we had everything all set. We hear that whistle, we’re going to the car…and running right back out here.”

Brooks Abrams has been playing golf for nearly his entire life. This is his second time at Augusta National. 

“It’s just a cool spot to experience because it’s all the best golfers in the world and it’s really just cool being able to see all of the talent come together and compete at the highest level,” said Abrams.

Brooks’ friend, Mac Lawson, is enjoying his third time on the course- and his first experience of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

“It’s great that they have this opportunity for the women’s amateurs to play,” said Lawson.

UGA student Camille Stroud works with their women’s golf team- she’s here to support Jenny Bae.

“For her to perform on the biggest platform in golf, here,” said Stroud. “It’s just, like, I’m so proud of her.”

Patrons tell us the rain hasn’t stopped them from looking forward to some experiences while at Augusta National.

“My favorite part about being out here is how people have to look at each other,” said Stroud. “You know, they’re not looking down, texting.”

“The goal is to walk every single hole here,” said Ferri.

Patrons on Saturday say they’ll be back Masters Week- and they “cannot wait”.