WASHINGTON COUNTY (WJBF)- The Washington County Sheriffs Office is investigating allegations that a Davisboro police officer was drinking on the job. 

Investigators say a a man who was pulled over Monday afternoon has filed a complaint against two Davisboro police officers. Now, Washington County and Davisboro law enforcement say the man was unlawfully pulled over outside of jurisdiction.

“His account was that the two officers got out of their vehicles and place their hands on their weapons during the traffic stop he was kind of frighten he didn’t understand why he had been stopped and especially why he had been stopped by the police outside of city limits,” said Sheriff Joel Cochran, Washington Co. Sheriff Office.

One of the officers is a trainee with Davisboro Police Department. In the incident report, the officers stated they pulled the man over because his car fit the description of a vehicle they had been searching for.

“During the course of the investigation the responding  officer detected an odor of alcohol on the training officer which would be identified as officer Justin Durden he made contact with the chief of police and the two gave officer Durden what we call a roadside test to check and see if he had any alcohol in your system” said Cochran.

Initial reports indicate the test came back positive, but instigators now say after additional testing, Officer Durden was not intoxicated.

“It’s not common in normal police practice that we place new hires in the role of operating new emergency vehicles acting in the role of aiding police officers in the performance of law enforcement duties prior to them going to training and becoming certified by the state,” said Cochran.

Investigators also tell us Durden will be suspended for five days without pay.