AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – “My whole premise for this campaign, my slogan for the campaign is ‘Let’s Grow Augusta Together’ because I really want Augusta to be progressive,” says Davis Green, a Democratic candidate for the Georgia House District 129 seat. “I really want us to move into the next phase, we’re in 2022 we’re not in 1922. We need to move forward.”

Green, 23, is the youngest candidate out of four, but he said the district needs a fresh face and fresh ideas.

“I will be the youngest elected official in our city in decades, and that is huge,” he says. “That should give every single young person hope and inspiration that yes, I can step up there and I can offer myself for public service and I can make a difference in the community I was born in.”

He’s a senior criminal justice student at Georgia Southern University, and some of the key issues he wants to address are law enforcement salary, crime rates in Richmond County and making the GBI an original jurisdiction agency.

“I believe if we change them to becoming an original agency, our sheriff’s office here in Augusta can have the resources needed to get the violent criminals off the streets,” Green says.

He also wants to raise the base pay for teachers in the county and improve the school system.

“That means we get highly qualified teachers we keep and retain, just like the deputies,” Green says. “We are the lowest paid district in the state – there should be no reason why we cannot show our teachers appreciation. Our teachers are instrumental in providing the tools for our future to succeed.”

Davis is urging people to show up and cast their ballots on Election Day.

“If there’s not a race where your vote matters the most, it is this one. Every single vote counts,” he says. “There is so little turnout in this election, that you guys could make a difference. You guys can send me up to Atlanta to work and fight for you.”

Early voting for the House District 129 Special Primary ends Friday at 6 P.M.

Election day is next Tuesday from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. at designated voting precincts.