AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The campaign trail took to the skies for former Georgia Senator David Perdue on Friday.  

He landed at Daniel Field to make one more push for votes. 

 “I’m encouraging anybody that’s concerned about the future of our state in our country to get out and vote which ever side you gonna vote on just to just get out and vote it’s not just a right it’s a responsibility” said David Perdue.

The latest polls show Perdue well behind his Republican opponent, Governor Brian Kemp. 

“We have more illegal immigrants in Georgia then they do in Arizona.  Rape and murder are up 60% this year alone, people are concerned about their personal safety I heard this all last year” said Perdue.

Perdue also talked taxes.  Right now, the gas tax in Georgia has been suspended, and he says he’d like  that exemption to stay in place for a while. 

” so what I would do right now until we get a better handle on inflation I personally would like to see them extend that but more important than that I like to see him go ahead and fully reduce the tax the state income tax by one basis one full point right now” said Perdue

Perdue supporter  Lynda Brown  says there are several things that stand out when it comes to her candidate. 

 “Well his integrity his honesty his forthrightness the fact that he fought for election integrity in 2020 the fact that he continues to fight for that that is the one big thing that sticks out to me “ said Brown.

Perdue also says while people are getting out to vote early he doesn’t believe in the credibility of poll numbers.

“first of all they’ve not been close on outsiders like Donald Trump they miss him in 16 they miss me dramatically in 14 even in 20” said Perdue.