AUGUSTA (WJBF)- The closest Dave & Buster’s is in Columbia, South Carolina and after that, Atlanta. But, come late June, Augustans no longer have to make the commute. 

People we spoke with say they’re ready for some fun.

“Very excited. Like I said, we drive all the way to Columbia, South Carolina at least once every couple months to go– I love their chicken wings and the kids love to play the games, but I like to eat, Teai Harris said.”

The arcade and restaurant will be located in the Riverwatch area– accompanied by other entertainment like Top Golf and Riverwatch Cinemas.

“Top Golf is there, the movie theater is there– chances are Dave and Busters will do well there too,” Mike Simmons said.

The project began back in 2020 and will include two dining areas, a bar and 9,600 square feet of gaming space.

“It’s about fellowship and getting together with people you either work with or you live with. So, it’s really about people getting together and in the world that we live in today, anything that’s about camaraderie and family and people getting together is a good thing,” Simmons said.

We also spoke to some people who say they’ve never been, but are excited to get the chance at being a kid again. 

“Oh of course, I’m always looking forward to having a little bit of a relapse of being a kid [because] everybody needs a break. So, it’ll be a good break for Augusta,” Greg Griffin said.