Cyber Security To Nuclear Power: Congressman Joe Wilson

The Means Report: Cyber Security To Nuclear Power - Congressman Joe Wilson
The Means Report: Cyber Security To Nuclear Power – Congressman Joe Wilson

On the heels of Congressman Rick Allen’s appearance on “The Means Report”, Congressman Joe Wilson stopped by to catch viewers up with his perspective of what is happening in Washington, DC and in South Carolina’s 2nd District.

One of the hot topics covered during Congressman Wilson’s conversation with Brad Means is cyber security. He is spending a great deal of time finding ways to protect veterans and their private information through heightened security. He shares that he sees all veterans, Americans, and even government officials are threatened every day by cyber attacks. As the chairman of the emerging threat committee of the House Armed Services Committee, he shares that the country is more vulnerable than ever in regard to cyber crimes. Congressman Wilson also knows that this community will be in the forefront of security with Cyber Command being located at Fort Gordon.

Congressman Wilson does share with viewers his concern that the current administration has not acknowledged the great threat placed on the United States and the American families in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, the Paris Attack, and the attack on Belgium. He feels that there are some people in Washington that have forgotten about the 9/11 attacks and sees the need to take action against safe havens for terrorist activity.

Hear more from Congressman Joe Wilson – his hopes and goals; and who he is supporting in the presidential race.Part 2

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