AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This overgrown area off Grand Boulevard has prompted several calls to 3-1-1 because the tall grass can block the view of the intersection. 

“And that can cause accidents. So, 3-1-1, normally, I call them. They normally send someone out, and they send someone out to take care of it,” said Billy Brazzle.  

3-1-1 handles lots of complaints: trash not picked up, overgrown areas, and illegal dumping, and normally, the complaints are entered into Augusta’s work order management system called City Works.  

“What it is with City Works – specifically with City Works – you know, they have the ability receive a complaint and send it out to multiple departments who would be affected at one time,” said Colonel Bill Probus of the Richmond County Marshal’s Office.  

Complaints are still happening, but what’s not happening since last week’s cyber-attack is City Works, so now the response is low tech.  

“We’re writing things down on paper, putting them in files, and having to make telephone and person to person contract with the departments that we work with. It’s certainly not the best solution,” said Probus.  

But it’s not just 3-1-1. The mayor says most city departments are using work arounds to provide city services during the outage.  

“90% of departments are able to be able to conduct business to get things done I believe that, and we continue to work through this process,” said Mayor Garnett Johnson.  

There are many complaints still coming into 3-1-1, and with a slower response, the workload will pile up.